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Welcome to your Community of Care!

Supporting the whole student, one concern at a time.

Attending college is an exciting time for students and families; ideally, it is a period of experimentation and exploration, an advancement of one's education, and a step forward toward a career and independence. We also recognize it can be a stressful period. Many students are balancing family, work, financial, and other obligations, which can lead to physical and emotional distress. As a member of the Illinois community, students and staff have an obligation and responsibility to care for each other and be concerned for the well-being of others.

If you know someone in distress, you may be in a position to offer support or guide the person to an appropriate resource. You are not alone, and the resources discussed on these pages — the Office of the Dean of Students, Student Assistance Center, Emergency Dean Program, and Behavioral Intervention Team — are here to help.

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