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  • Spring weather warning graphic.

    Spring Weather Warning

    Spring weather emergencies include thunderstorms, flash floods, and tornados.

    Weather watch = stay alert. Weather warning = take shelter.

    During a thunderstorm or flash flood warning you should find shelter inside a building and monitor weather reports.

    During a tornado warning take shelter in the lowest level away from windows and monitor weather reports.

  • Sexual assault support graphic.

    Sexual Assault Support

    Support is available. Visit to learn more and request assistance.

    After a sexual assault, consider seeking immediate medical attention.

    Preserving evidence – such as saving text messages, not showering or changing clothes – can help.

    Sexual assault can be prosecuted even if the survivor had a prior relationship with the offender.

What's Happening

Responding to students of concern and reporting threatening behavior

We wanted to take the opportunity to remind our students, faculty, and staff about responding to students and others demonstrating concerning behavior.

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ODOS staff member awarded with 2017 Chancellor's Distinguished Staff Award

Congratulations to our own Dorothy Maduzia, Office Support Associate in the Office of the Dean of Students, for being recognized with the 2017 Chancellor's Distinguished Staff Award. Thank you, Dorothy, for all of your hard work and support.

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Make sure help is on the way

In an emergency, first responders need to reach you or your family members. Tell us how. Visit to enter emergency contact information and update your local address each time you move. Help us be there for you.

Campus safety webpage and resources

Visit the campus safety section of the ODOS website and get familiar with various campus and community safety events, programs, and helpful resources.

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